Tips to make your sales brochure effective

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Print brochures are an effective tool for marketing your business. An effective brochure gives you a chance to showcase your products and services to customers through eye-catching design and text. As a premier printing company in Southern California, we have assisted many companies with their vertical market print needs. Here we share a few useful tips to design brochures that are effective:

  1. Know your customer: Before you start designing the brochures, it is important that you understand your customers. Brainstorm with your sales and marketing team to understand the persona of your customers. Understand the demographics and their likings.
  2. Sell, don’t narrate: Effective brochures are the ones that are specific and to the point. Focus on how your customers will benefit from buying your products or services. Include the features and benefits of your product or services in your brochure. It is with such information that you will get customers to buy your products. However, make sure that these points are presented in easy-to-digest and compelling visuals rather than chunky texts.
  3. Use the images that evoke the right emotions: The images should not be just about you as the seller. Rather it should be about the buyers. For instance, if you are a realtor, a photo of a building will not evoke as many emotions as a house with a family would. Make sure to use photos that capture the attention of your customers.
    Note: Use high-resolution images in your brochure. Low-resolution images may come blurry, or even pixelated.
  4. Keep it simple and crisp: Too much text and graphics can be overwhelming for readers. An effective brochure should provide enough information to attract a prospect. However, it need not contain all the information about your business.
  5. Add a call to action: Tell readers what they need to do next, whether it is to visit your website, call for a free consultation, or email for further inquiry.
  6. Use the correct paper: There are a wide variety of papers to choose from. Using a high quality paper may convince a potential customer that you are more professional than your competitors.
  7. Use fonts with restraint: When designing the brochure, it is easy to get tempted to use many fonts. The use of too many fonts may hinder readability. It is best to stick to using two to three fonts maximum in a brochure and not more.

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